Companies pour billions of dollars into corporate training – without getting the results they need.

The X-factor you’ve been looking for

It’s not a classroom, not a traditional e-learning or ordinary personal development. It’s Helloo.

A tailormade, highly scalable platform for human and organisational growth. Made for large organisations. Without live teachers or facilitators. That offers guided learning, beyond place and time. In small groups with measurable results. A space to make real progress – and to build trust. Because without trust, growth just doesn’t happen.

Say Helloo and boost your employees!


This is what we know

Organization’s LMS and LXP are filled with online educations and trainings. Massive Online Courses invites you to take whatever course you want, wherever you are in the world. All of them offer a great chance to gain new knowledge. And everything has its place, function, and mission. But for real growth, something is missing.

Helloo! We know that to truly create meaningful human growth, we need three things: Trust, challenges, and other people. And we created a brand-new platform based on just that.


Tech that loves humans

On this platform every process, every click and every pixel are designed to support human growth. Invented and created by experts on team and leadership development.

Because it’s all about you.

The three keys to human growth

One key


Helloo creates the opportunity for human growth in a brain-friendly way. It’s done within a clear, structured framework. Led by a guide that creates a conscious, challenging and self-reflective process that leads to new knowledge and growth. Everything is done in small, trustful learning groups.

The methodology is based on the neuroleadership AGES model:

ATTENTION is essential to build new neural pathways in the brain.
GENERATING insights from practice translates theory to habits.
EMOTIONS that are activated by learning with others strengthen retention.
SPACED learning over time.

Immersive storytelling

With immersive storytelling you create a compelling sense of presence. It engages both mind and heart. Everything can be tailor-made for your organisation, with your own common language to create recognition, continuity, and a greater impact.


Three keys

Instant iterations

On the job training. With instant iterations you boost teams, leaders and co-workers. Insights in your everyday work life provides small training opportunities that create a new experience, which you can integrate in your everyday work life. Then new insights provide new opportunities for training and new experiences. You get everything in a context that leads to growth for you and your mission at work.

The Platform

The Helloo process

Helloo is developed to create supplementary values to other forms of learning. Values that lead to real transformation, purposeful growth and a sustainable behavioural change when it comes to leadership, teams and employees. An overall cultural change that is brain-friendly and gives actual results.

Five innovative steps

Helloo’s vision includes five major features. They can be used as a full program for guaranteed results through a guided support system. Or you can pick and choose. It’s up to you!

1. Extensive training

Helloo provides digital training in a new way, designed for human growth: Leadership, values and change programs, or to work with transformation journeys or building cultures.
The guided, enhanced, process and an instant flow of iterations – all in one easy to use interface – creates focus, insights, challenges, support and trust for real growth.

2. Self-driven insights – the power of listening and asking questions

Helloo is not about mapping and to have your progress judged by others. Here we use self-driven insights based on the job reality, that will help you see your needs and get the training that you require. The purpose is to create a lust for learning and to keep the growth going, even after the training itself is finished.

3. Tidbit training

After you have gained an insight, you will get feedback on things you are good at or that you need to improve. This is the training area where you can build on your strengths and challenge your weaknesses. It’s always available and done in a brain-friendly and challenging way – individually or in small learning groups.

4. Helloo You!

Helloo You is a personalised growth assistent, that follows and supports you throughout the process. It’s driven by your reality and connected to your needs, your focus, your role, your team, and your work life. It can give you follow-ups, small reminders, inspiration and tips based on your needs and interests.

5. Human data

When everyone is working in the same system, you have an excellent opportunity to gather data to learn more about your organisation and its needs. Helloo gathers human  data  and progress of your organisation, teams, leadership, co-workers, values, needs – you name it. You can draw the data for specific countries, business areas, roles, etc. to make smart and well-informed decisions on targeted efforts that are customised for your business.

Your privacy

Helloo is a product running on servers in Sweden, and maintained by Swedish citizens, and protected by Swedish laws. In other words – compliant for you as a Swedish or EU company/organisation.

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Sneak peek

Feeling curious?

Take a sneak peek!


“We have really enjoyed it as a team, and it got us to discuss topics which we haven’t discussed as a team before. I feel we have gotten closer as a team as well.”

Director at Northvolt

“In a classroom, the teacher is not as present towards me, talking to everyone, here it really became one to one! Just having text would not have been the same feeling.”


“It worked great. It became concrete, clear and held in the hand.”


“…the freedom of learning it provides is very positive. Would have liked to have seen the Boost platform also in other areas of knowledge than leadership, but that may be the idea. This must be applicable in basically everything.”


“I think this concept will make e-learning more dynamic when you mix physical presence (team groups) with digital e-learning. When you also divide it into different phases where you have to do tasks between the occasions, then you also get to “test yourself and learn” and not just theory.”


“Group interactions, people with similar roles as you, discussion and sharing thoughts about their findings. It really contributes to learning.”


“Yes, it might be a game changer to really boost our learning ability within Scania. I hope to have it available in Brazil soon.”


About us

For over 30 years…

…we have been focusing on the same question: how can we create spaces, cultures and processes that allow every individual to grow and take responsibility for their own learning and development? An individual who can feel secure in navigating and contributing to a business that is constantly changing along with others.

The only thing that has changed is that the focus on scalability has increased. More people are affected.

In 1996 we were exploring alongside front running students at Hyper Island*. Today, it is alongside L&D specialists who support the growth of hundreds of thousands of people. We are  thankful for the trust that is put in us that allows us to have an impact. But most of all, we are thankful for the belief in human beings!

*Hyper Island enables companies and individuals to develop, grow and rise to the challenges of tomorrow’s transformative technology. Hyper Island is a private institution and educational company specialising in real-world industry training using digital technology. It was founded 1995 in Sweden and has presence through offices or campuses in Sweden (Headquarters), UK, US, Singapore and Brazil.

In short:

1995 Started Hyper Island, a school without teachers within the digital industry.

2011 With Skillnad they contributed to Move management and made team and leader development scalable and more efficient. Through innovative tools such as Teambook®, Mebook®, Team Quality Survey™ & Teamr™, tens of thousands of leaders and coworkers performed better.

2021 Strawberry Planet supports the human growth part of transforming and forming enterprise companies. By developing Helloo, we are now creating a holistic platform, a one-stop service that unites the power of the participants to bring organisational learning into the future by personal growth. Thank you Scania and Northvolt for your trust and engagement!


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Human CEO
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